Anne Kelly Knowles

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Anne Kelly Knowles (born 1957) is a American geographer and a specialist in Historical GIS. She received her MA and PhD from University of Wisconsin–Madison. She is currently works as an assistant professor of geography at Middlebury College.

Her first book, Calvinists Incorporated Welsh Immigrants on Ohio’s Industrial Frontier examined the influence of immigrants’ traditions and social values on their economic behavior during the industrialization of their new region as workers and investors in Welsh-owned charcoal iron companies.

Currently she is doing research using spatial analysis about the role of skilled ironworkers in the transfer of technology in the U.S. iron industry 1800-1868.

In 2002 she edited the first book ever published with case studies of the use of Historical GIS in various disciplines. She was also guest editor of a special issue of the journal Social Science History about this field.


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