ArcGIS Extensions

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ArcGIS Extensions
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Developer(s) ESRI
Operating system Windows, Solaris, AIX, Tru64 UNIX
Type GIS
License Proprietary
Website ArcGIS Desktop Extensions overview
Extension products let you add more capabilities to ArcGIS Desktop. These specialized tools allow you to perform extended tasks such as raster geoprocessing, three-dimensional analysis, and map publishing.

ArcGIS 3D Analyst
Enables you to effectively visualize and analyze surface data.

ArcGIS Business Analyst
ArcGIS Business Analyst provides tools for analyzing geography, demographics, consumer lifestyle, and business data for effective business decision making.

ArcGIS Data Interoperability
ArcGIS Data Interoperability provides direct data access, data transformation, advanced format creation, and geoprocessing model integration.

ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
Provides a suite of tools for spatial data exploration and optimal surface generation.

ArcGIS Military Analyst
Provides tools for the Defense user.

ArcGIS Network Analyst
Allows you to create and manage sophisticated network data sets and generate routing solutions.

ArcGIS Publisher
Converts map documents (MXD) to published map files (PMF).

ArcGIS Schematics
Automates schematic and geoschematic graphical representation of ESRI ArcGIS geodatabases.

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
Provides a broad range of spatial modeling and analysis features.

ArcGIS StreetMap
ArcGIS StreetMap USA and ArcGIS StreetMap Europe provide geocoding and street map display.

ArcGIS Survey Analyst
Manages survey data in a geodatabase and represents survey measurements and observations on a map.

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst
Visualizes and analyze temporal data.

ArcPress for ArcGIS
Provides Raster Image Processor for fast and high-quality printing and exporting of maps.

ArcScan for ArcGIS
Provides raster to vector conversion tools for ArcGIS.

Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX)
Standardize and streamline your personal, departmental, and organizational workflows.

Maplex for ArcGIS
Produces high-quality cartographic automated labeling for digital and hard-copy maps.

MrSID Encoder for ArcGIS
Enables the most efficient use of large georeferenced images in ArcGIS.

Production Line Tool Set (PLTS)
Provides tools for high-volume, high-quality database and cartographic production.

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