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Esri-10GlobeLogo sRGB .png
Developer(s) Esri
Stable release 10.2 / July 2013
Operating system Windows
Type GIS
License Free Download
Website Esri Products - ArcReader

ArcReader is a basic data viewer for maps and GIS data published in the proprietary Esri format using ArcGIS Publisher. The software also provides some basic tools for map viewing, printing and querying of spatial data. ArcReader is included with any of the ArcGIS suite of products, and is also available for free to download.

ArcReader Overview


Among the capabilities of ArcReader are [1]:

  • Zooming in or out on the map.
  • Panning and switching between map and page layout views.
  • Viewing and printing previously authored map layouts.
  • Using the Find and the hyperlink tool.
  • Identifying and measuring features.

ArcGIS Publisher can be used to view Esri map documents (MXD) or ArcGlobe documents (3DD). ArcGIS Publisher is an optional extension to the ArcGIS for Desktop products which includes ArcGIS for Desktop Basic, ArcGIS for Desktop Standard, and ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced. The products are used to create published maps that can be viewed, explored, or printed by anyone with the ArcReader application.

ArcReader uses a Published Map File (PMF) format. PMFs are created with ArcGIS Publisher. PMFs contain metadata about data source locations and drawing instructions. A PMF honors and maintains settings defined by the map author, such as layer properties, data frame properties, and page layout configuration.

ArcReader Markup allows user to collaborate with the author of the published map. The ArcReader markup pen is used to create freehand graphics on a published map. The digital ink is written to a published map ink file (.pmfinkx). The PMFINKX file is a companion file to the published map.

Customizing ArcReader

The ArcReader applications are not customizable. However, the ArcReader Control is able to create custom ArcReader applications [2]. User with a Publisher license is able to create a custom ArcReader application which allows viewing, exploring, and printing published maps.

The Publisher license also enables user to modify the ArcReader template using the ArcReader Configuration Developer tool. The ArcReader template is a binary file that stores ArcReader settings. The template allows settings from one ArcReader session to be initialized in the next ArcReader session.

What is New

Along with the release of ArcGIS 10.2 in July 2013, the ArcReader 10.2 setup packaged is designed to detect and upgrade an existing installation of ArcReader 10.1, including SP1. For versions earlier than ArcReader 10.1, those versions must be uninstalled before installing ArcReader 10.2 [3].

System Requirements

ArcReader is available for recent versions of Windows. For further information on system requirements, refer to the ArcReader 10.2 System Requirements page.

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