Cost Over a Network

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Calculating the Cost Over a Network enables one to calculate and measure the various costs with traveling through a fixed infrastructure or system network. Cost can be measured by time or distance. In order to measure the cost over a network one must have an accurate layer of the desired network. This entails having a layer that has line segments, also known as an edge, in the correct spatial locations. To make sure that this layer has all the necessary information make sure the edges connect correctly to other edges of the network and that all edges have the correct cost values assigned. With this layer a Cost Path Analysis, multi-Corridor Analysis, or Cost Distance Analysis could be preformed. All of these would be limited to and with respect to the established network.

Road Network

Network Analysis

Each of these methods could be used to formulate a network analysis of some kind. In addition to road networks, examples where a network analysis can be performed are on:

  • pedestrian and bicycle trails
  • sewer or gas line networks
  • power and telecommunication line networks


A common applications of cost over a network are:

  • Finding all the roads that can be accessed by emergency response vehicles with in one mile from their respective nodes; for example from a fire house or a hospital.
  • To query all the roads that could be serviced by a delivery service with in a thirty minute radius from their place of business.
  • A network analysis of all the paths that water coming out of a canyon might take to a lake across town through the storm sewer system.

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