Cyrax (HDS system)

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Cyrax is a line of High Definition Survey systems. They are portable scanning systems mostly based on time-of-flight technology. Civil engineers (and Cyrax founders) Ben Kacyra and Jerry Dimsdale invented and patented the technology in 1998 [1].

This line of products is target to measures and models large scale structures like roads, buildings and terrain. Over 50 Cyrax systems are in use. Leica Geosystems purchased Cyra Technologies, maker of the Cyrax line in 2000. As such, Cyrax scanners have now been rebranded as Leica products. Ben Kacyra used much of his profit from selling the technology to Leica to start the non-profit CyArk project, dedicated to utilizing scanning technology and hi-definition documentation to record works of cultural heritage.


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