Fire Eagle

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Fire Eagle
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Location-based services
Registration Required
Available language(s) English
Owner Yahoo!
Launched Aug 12, 2008

Fire Eagle is a Yahoo! owned service that acts as a store for a user's location.

A user can authorize other services and applications to update or access this information via the Fire Eagle API, allowing a user to update their location once and then use it on any Fire Eagle enabled-website.

Various sites and services have integrated with Fire Eagle including GotNew!, Dash Express, Dipity, Dopplr, Lightpole, Skyhook, Movable Type, Navizon,, Plazes, Pownce, Rummble, SPOT Satellite Messenger, Zkout and Zonetag

The Fire Eagle service was one of the first sites to use the OAuth protocol to connect services together.

In March 2009 a Facebook application called Friends on Fire was announced, along with an XMPP-based API.

FireEagle was created at Yahoo Brickhouse by a team which included among others Tom Coates, Simon Willison, Seth Fitzsimmons.

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