License Manager 10.x

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Linux - Command Line

Command Line Reference
$ Setup -h
Usage: Setup [OPTION]...
 -m, --mode MODE            Optional. Defaults to GUI mode.
                            MODE is either silent or gui:
                              silent:  Performs a silent install.
                                       See Silent Options section below.
                              gui:     X display is required.
 -v, --verbose              Installer runs in verbose mode.
 -h, --help                 Display this help and exit.
 -e, --examples             Display usage examples of these options and exit.

Silent Options - the following options are only used for silent mode installs:
 -l, --license-agreement CHOICE
                            Required for silent mode. CHOICE is one of Yes or No.
                            Yes indicates that you have read and agreed to the
                            Esri License Agreement (E204, E300). Please visit
                            to read the license agreement.
 -d, --directory DIRECTORY  Optional. By default, License Manager 10.1 will be
                            installed to your $HOME directory. DIRECTORY
                            specifies a different installation directory.
                            Note: The path /arcgis/license10.1 will be
                            appended to the installation directory.

License Manager and IPv6

NIM065557 - The current release of ArcGIS License Manager does not support IPv6 networks. This specifically impacts those using a new VPN-like technology known as Microsoft DirectAccess to connect to the ArcGIS License Manager.

To start/stop License Manager via script

@echo off
cd C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\License10.0\bin
lmutil lmdown -c service.txt -q
lmgrd -c service.txt -l +lmgrd9.log

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