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Initial release June 2007
Stable release beta
Language English
Website Official Website

MapJack is a map feature introduced in 2007 that is similar to Google Street View, but has a lot less coverage. Its current headquarters is in San Francisco, and is in the beta stages.[1] The site currently provides these types of views of various locations in the United States and Thailand. It was only the second to provide such views of an area outside the United States when Chiang Mai was introduced.

Regions included

Country Locations added
File:Flag of the United States.svg United States San Francisco Bay Area (including Sausalito) • San Jose • Yosemite National Park • Lake Tahoe • Oakland • Palo Alto
 Thailand Chiang Mai • Pattaya • Phuket • Krabi • Hua Hin • Mae Hong Son • Ayutthaya • Pai
 Sweden Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö via
 Norway Oslo metropolitan area • Lillestrøm • Trondheim and more others, via
 Canada Vancouver • Whistler • Squamish via


MapJack was criticized for taking unedited imagery of Pattaya, known as Thailand's "sin city." On May 28, 2008, MapJack temporarily removed Pattaya imagery from its site, and is planning to edit out the controversial imagery prior to reinstating it[2][3][4][5].

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