Marble (KDE)

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Marble logo
Developer(s) KDE
Initial release November 2006
Preview release 0.7  (January 27, 2009) [+/−]
Written in C++ Qt
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Virtual globe
License GNU LGPL

Marble is a geographical map program. It is free software under the terms of the GNU LGPL. It is developed by KDE and the free software / open-source communities for use on personal computers running a Qt 4 compatible operating system. Marble is intended to be very flexible; in addition to its intended cross platform deployment, the core components can easily be integrated into other programs. It is planned to be able to run without hardware acceleration, however it can be extended to use OpenGL. The developers intended for the application to start fairly quickly, and ship with a minimal but useful offline dataset (5-10MB). Recently, contributors have added support for online mapping sources such as OpenStreetMap. This feature integrates well with Marble's ability to interpret kml files.

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