Peter Dicken

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Peter Dicken

Born Peter Dicken
Nationality British
Education MA (Manchester), PhD (Uppsala), AcSS
Occupation Emeritus Professor
Known for Academic Research into Globalisation

Peter Dicken (born in 1938) is a geographer, notable for his contributions to research into globalization, especially in his book Global Shift, which has sold many tens of thousand of copies.[1][2]

Dicken is currently an Emeritus Professor and continuing researcher into Global Patterns of Business and Globalisation, at the University of Manchester.

Of his own research, Dicken states that his "research interests focus upon the changing multi-scalar geographies of the global economy and on the structures and dynamics of global production networks, particularly the relationships between transnational corporations and states."[3]

Major works

  • Global Shift (1986; new editions in 1992, 1998, 2003 and 2007)
  • Location in Space (1972; new editions in 1978 and 1990; with Peter E. Lloyd)


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