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XTools Pro
XTools Pro Logo small transparent.png
Developer(s) XTools
Stable release 17.0
Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/10
Platform ArcGIS Desktop 10.0-10.5.1
Type GIS
Website www.xtools.pro


XTools Pro is one of the most popular and full-featured third party extensions for ArcGIS Desktop end users providing a comprehensive set of tools for vector spatial analysis, shape conversion and table management.

The latest XTools Pro version introduces new advanced tools and features aimed at increasing ArcGIS productivity, usability and efficiency.

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XTools Pro tools and features allow greatly enhancing ArcGIS functionality and provide ArcGIS users with the new level of efficiency and performance. The most essential functions are collected in a single toolbar for ArcGIS users. XTools Pro tools and features help saving your time and open up unique opportunities for working with geographical data.

XTools Pro functionality is grouped in the following menus:

  • Data Management Tools
    The Data Management tools are provided for managing your feature classes, tables, file and personal geodatabases, datasets, as well as for easily fixing incorrect paths to the data in ArcGIS map documents.
  • Feature Conversions
    The Feature Conversions tool group allows quickly converting features of different geometry types.
  • Layer Operations
    With the Layer Operations tools you will be able to erase and identify features, update the polygon layers and create intersection points for the layer.
  • Table Operations
    With the Table Operations tool group you can add feature coordinates to the attribute table, calculate feature length, perimeter and area, as well as export tables to MS Excel or text files.
  • Surface Tools
    The Surface Tools provide a series of tools that allow creating surfaces (Grids) from polyline and point data, converting Grids to contour polylines, building Thiessen polygons, and extracting values from rasters.
  • Go To
    The Go to tools allow viewing your current map location displayed in the ArcMap data frame in the Microsoft Bing Maps, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap online map services, and in the Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer desktop applications.
  • General usage tools
    These miscellaneous separate tools are provided for different operations with your data.

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