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Route planner is a tool for finding optimal routes (usually for traveling by car) from one place to another. They can typically provide a list of places one will pass by, with crossroads and directions that must be followed, road numbers, distances, etc. They also usually provide an interactive map with a suggested route marked on it.

There are several internet services that perform this task, such as RAC Route planner, ViaMichelin, MSN Maps & Directions, Mapquest. Intermodal Journey Planner systems may include a Road Route planner as part of their function.

Route Planning Software: Fleets and Distribution Companies

In commercial application, distribution companies with large and small fleets may incorporate route planning software into their fleet management systems to optimize route efficiency and boost profits.

An ideal route planning solution for distribution companies will often include GPS tracking capability and reporting features, which enable dispatchers to prevent unplanned stops, reduce mileage, and plan more fuel efficient routes.

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