Visual Nature Studio

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Visual Nature Studio
3D Nature logo.png
Blue Ridge Pastures, Photorealistic View
Original author(s) 3D Nature, LLC
Developer(s) Gary R. Huber, Chris Hanson
Initial release Sept 7, 2001
Stable release 3.02 / Nov 13, 2008
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform PC
Language English
Type 3D Visualization software
License Proprietary

Visual Nature Studio is a 3D visualization program for Microsoft Windows, developed as an enhanced version of 3D Nature's "World Construction Set" software. The program produces photorealistic still images or animations of real or fictional landscapes by using digital elevation model (DEM) and geographic information system (GIS) data as input. Considered state-of-the-art, the software has been used by major universities and press agencies to generate images of 3D terrain.


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